British Pilgrims entering the Cathedral at Chartres

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Itinerary Update

Following an update to the Notre Dame de Chretiente website and confirmation from Clarkes, we have updated the Itinerary.  Please take a look.  The most serious changes are to the times and places of Mass during the Pilgrimage and the place for lunch on Whit Monday.  Departure times from London and return to London are unchanged.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Chartres 2011 Update!

Can I still Join?

The Pilgrimage proper starts at 6 AM at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Saturday, 11 June, so you can join the British Chapters there. You will obviously need to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements.  Your luggage should be put on the lorry marked "Etrangers." You should be able to spot the British chapters amongst the crowd as we should be the only ones flying the the Union flag!  However, we will need your Registration Form with a cheque for £40.00 to cover the Registration Fee. Please note that we must know that you are coming in order to allocate you to the appropriate chapter, provide a hymn book and allocate tent space as necessary. It is not possible to “turn up and go!” We will need the Registration Form by 10 May (Updated!) in order to have time to complete the registration procedures with the French organisers.