British Pilgrims entering the Cathedral at Chartres

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Chartres Reunion & Mass in Preparation

National Chaplain, Fr Martin Edwards, celebrates Mass 

We hope that everyone enjoyed the reunion/Mass in Preparation last Sunday.  There was a good mix of doughty regulars and new people.  Apologies to Fr Basden for taking half of his congregation!  Despite taking my new camera, I neglected to take any photographs, so we are indebted to Dr Joseph Shaw, the LMS Chairman, for the above photograph.  Other photographs are available on the Chairmans blog, where there is also a report on the Reunion.  The Mass was very beautiful with a more than competent choir singing Mozart's Spatzen Mass.  Conor Carroll, Chartres Pilgrim and now married to Madeleine Readings, gave an interesting talk regarding the Good Counsel Network which does sterling work in not only persuading women to keep their babies, but also offering practical help in order to allow them to do so.  Further information at The Good Counsel Network.   Congratulations to Conor and Madeleine who are expecting their first child in April.  This was followed by lunch in the Parish Hall.  Information for Chartres 2011 was available and there was informal discussion around the Pilgrimage.  A very enjoyable Sunday afternoon.


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